Also a reminder that my commissions are always open! I love working with you guys, and I have a great turnaround time! <3

Reminder that we still have a ton of dolls for sale here! They’re all in great condition, and have only been displayed, never played with! <3

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this special snowflakery

haha, tell me about it. they’ve been having fun reblogging my stuff and being snarky on it all day, too. so sad.

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Okay, for one thing, if you haven’t considered Raven/Cerise as a ship yet, please take a moment bc it’s one of my new favorite things. For another thing, it doesn’t have a ship name as far as I know.

So…Wolf Queen. I’m gonna call it that at any rate. It sounds powerful and I love it.

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Especially considering it’s a younger fandom… ://

I know…this isn’t really a fandom that needs untagged nsfw. By all means, do nsfw. Just, tag it or put it in the moanster high tag. Preferably both. And especially don’t be nasty when people ask you to tag it, you know? There are a ton of reasons people would be upset by seeing that, or could even get in a lot of trouble.

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this smells like Bid pen doodles of skulls on jeans from goodwill

I think that might be the most beautiful description of a smell I have ever read. I can imagine it perfectly and that is so upsetting. Such a terrible smell.


nevermind, that explains everything

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is this about that tora picture in her superhero outfit?

Ahhhh well it’s about that person in general. They’ve been posting a lot of stuff tonight in the tag and all of it has been nsfw. I saw some anons asking them to tag it, and they blatantly refused, and then continued posting nsfw content just because it was amusing to them or something. It’s just rude, I think. MH has a nsfw tag, I don’t mind nsfw content, but untagged and in the MH tag is not the place for it. 

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Report the person not tagging, becaus then it's an unflagged NSFW blog and that means it's breaking the community guidelines.

!!!! Oh!!! Thank you so much!!! I didn’t think of doing that!! I’ll do that right away, thank you again! <3

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refusing to tag nsfw is a really gross thing to do. it’s one thing to do it without thinking. it’s another thing entirely to blatantly refuse to tag it. if nsfw stuff bothers you, please stay out of the mh tag for now bc someone is being super rude!!